Saturday, 20 November 2010

November Weather and Wildlife

Posted by Rosie

Over the last week I think we have had every sort of November weather possible:

  • Very wet and very windy but mild
  • Clear and frosty but warming up in the afternoon sunshine
  • Cold and drizzly
  • Cold and foggy
I have no idea what tomorrow will hold and I think it has confused the wildlife as much as me. I saw a wasp today whilst clattering the recycling into the local bins and collecting windfall apples for the pigs this afternoon I saw a buttercup!

Today, walking the dogs back up the valley I saw Nature at work in all her horrific glory - both myself and the dogs heard desperate screaming to our right and saw a bird of prey (a kestrel I think) carrying away a smaller bird which was emitting all the screams. However, Lady Luck was on the side of the smaller bird this afternoon and the kestrel lost it's hold enabling the now released prey to fly off. A short chase and the bird took refuge in the brambles leaving the kestrel empty clawed and hungry for now.

Finally, wildlife of a less welcome nature - Mice. At last we seem to have reduced the influx of mice into the house, having blocked the tiny hole where the gas pipe comes in from outside. Henry caught one mouse in the kitchen a couple of days ago (it must have taken up residence before the hole was blocked) but since then there has been no sign of any rodents and the cheese is still on all the traps. Long may we remain mouse free. I like wildlife but not in my kitchen thank you very much.

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