Tuesday, 23 November 2010

I should be but I'm not........

Posted by Simon

............sitting on a ferry?


Well firstly I did set the alarm clock to the correct time to get up - 06:15 - unfortunately I forgot to turn the alarm on!

Secondly I woke up at 6am - decided I could have 15 minutes more sleep. Went back to sleep. Woke up - think that's a long 15 minutes but alarm has not gone off. Go back to sleep. Check clock. No it can't be 06:35. It is.

Thirdly get up - rush around and finish packing. Have a cup of tea, shave etc. Decide no time to eat breakfast. Throw 2 cats out. Finish packing car. Get final bits and pieces together. Throw cat out again who has sneaked back in. Chase cat around kitchen table, trap cat and throw out having shot through the door again. Quickly shut door and go.

10 minutes later than planned leave home. Still plenty of time but not to fill up car with diesel. Get to first town about 15 minutes from home. Yes, there is time to fill up with diesel.

Wallet? Wallet? I didn't pick said wallet up - Oh dear me thinks - well something along those lines.

40 minutes later than planned leave home with wallet. 1 hour until ferry departs and a 50 minute drive. And you are suppose to check in 45 minutes beforehand.

You can then guarantee you get behind the slow moving vehicle - I did. You can also guarantee the road work traffic lights will just go to red as you get there - they did. And of course now being one hour later it is rush hour and you can guarantee there is an accident on the Caen ring road - there was.

And of course the ferry left on time - without me. Au revoir ferry and I'll get the next one.

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