Thursday, 25 November 2010

Are you sure it is only November?

Posted by Rosie

Because this was the scene here this afternoon!! Sleet had been forecast but much to the boy's joy it fell as snow - they are currently in the bath warming up after a manic bout of wet snow tobogganing. At least some-one enjoyed it ..... all the animals looked rather less than pleased and I had great fun (not) pushing barrows of pig poo out of the pig pen through a mixture of liquid mud (it had rained VERY hard last night) and slushy snow.

The kittens are decidedly unimpressed with this strange white stuff and so have taken up residence in their favourite position in front of the fire. This time Foggy has even purloined a cushion for extra comfort. I feel the mice of Eco-Gites may well be safe tonight.


  1. So the purchase of the snow chains may not be in vain!!

  2. Brrrr! Looks very cold. That snow is even earlier than last year..we were in the UK in early December when it started.

  3. Brrrr indeed - it was only hovering around freezing when it snowed but now the frost has set in and it is hard underfoot and frozen water buckets for all the animals. Last year the first snow fell on Dec 17th, so yes, a lot earlier this year.


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