Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Allez Le Bleu?

Posted by Simon

Possibly not a very 'green' excursion but the boys rugby club were selling tickets for the Autumn Test between France and Fiji at 20 Euros each including the coach, so I decided to order some. Unfortunately the club forgot to mention one important aspect of the trip - it was for 'les enfants'. We decided the boys are still a little young to go and it was a very long day. A bit disappointed I then looked on the internet but only the most expensive tickets were left.

Then by chance I saw that someone was selling four tickets for the match and I put an offer in, which, after a very minor haggle, the deal was done. The match was in Nantes - a three hour drive from here - and Sally and her friend, Pippa, came over for it.

Saturday was a very wet and windy day - in fact it did not let up all day and night. We picked up our friend, Ian, (where we had a delicious lunch) and then drove to Nantes. A good drive down except for the last 4 to 5 miles - which took an hour therefore we missed the first 5 minutes of the match. Not helped by the French parking techniques and ability.

Otherwise we had a great time. The stadium was fantastic, the atmosphere was brilliant, especially with the band near us, and the match was okay considering the weather. Our seats where just far enough back to avoid the rain (unless a strong gust blew) - a few rows in front of us were all soaked through - with a good view and at a good price.

All too soon it was over and time for the drive back - all of us dreading the thought of getting out of the car park. But I have never got out of an event car park so quickly and we had a good drive home.

And all that for 80 minutes (well 75 minutes) of good entertainment

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