Sunday, 31 October 2010


Posted by Rosie

For several years now we have had friends over for a spooky Halloween supper, decorating the house, dressing up and eating horrible food. This year was no exception with the only difference being we had a HelpX volunteer arrive this evening, just as our friends turned up in their costumes. He must think we are completely mad.

So 2 Witches, a devil, a vampire, a mummy, a skeleton, a ghost, a monster and our HelpXer sat down to the following Menu:

Swamp Soup (pea soup with croutons and lardons) and homemade bread rolls

Witch's Special - Spinach and Pumpkin filo parcels, purple potatoes and "bl
oody" ratatouille

Blood Jelly and Chocolate Brains - Raspberry jelly with fruit and sweets added and Krispie cakes with added marshmallows and dried fruits.

Our friends also bought some extra puddings - Toad shaped Krispie cakes and Snake biscuits.

And to drink - Blood of course - better known as cranberry juice and lemonade!

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