Thursday, 14 October 2010

Bakery Re-built and Oops!

Posted by Simon

I have recommenced working on the old bakery, having decided that major renovation works are now required. So having taken the unsafe sections of wall down I have also taken the roof off.

I had planned to replace it and was taking it down in a systematic orderly fashion but decided that it was too dangerous to get to the last bit by ladder. Therefore the digger was used to help and I'm glad I did as the whole lot came down in one of those OOPS! moments. I was hoping to keep the centre beam in place but that came down as well. I suppose a 3cm thick rotting 'lintel' across the little opening wasn't offering the best of support then! It was no surprise really considering the selection of nails, screws, wire and baler twine holding it all together. Added to this the pieces of old, mainly rotting, wood supporting it all.

Now it's a case of rebuilding and I have started on one of the walls today plus I've made a temporary roof for the freezers which we are having to leave in place. The forecast is not too good but at least this job is moving in the right direction.

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