Monday, 6 September 2010

Pig in a .....

Posted by Rosie

This weekend was the annual Foire at Condé-sur-Noireau with a large Vide Grenier (Boot Fair), Fairground and ........ a Pig in a Supermarket Trolley!! Quite what the young lady was doing with the pig is anyone's guess; I suspect she was trying to sell it but as we already have our lovely Kune Kune pigs we did not enquire any further. The pig seemed fairly content to be pushed round the busy streets (he had food although no water) and he certainly got noticed. I just hope he wasn't stolen from somewhere but that we will never know.

The rest of the fairground was as to be expected - a variety of rides from the gentle to the vomit-inducing, far too many stalls (shoot the balloon, catch the duck, gab the toy etc.) with the usual array of plastic tut as prizes and every form of unhealthy eating for sale from sweets to chichis, kebabs to sausages and slushy drinks in colours I would never put anywhere near my mouth. Is it all too obvious that I am not a fan of fairgrounds? The boys enjoyed it though and came back pleased with their prize from shooting balloons - yet another soft toy!

In comparison, the Vide Grenier was much better. Admittedly there was the normal amount of tut for sale but amongst it all we found a few bargains - a new cycle helmet for Ben (3€) a large croc-pot for me (2€), lots of books including Enid Blyton's Secret Seven and Famous Five in French for Tom and best of all a wonderful little oak bedside table for Ben, priced at just 5€. I rearranged his room last week, giving him space for a table and this was perfect. I do like a bargain :-)


  1. It would have been easier if it was a lamb - at least it would have a baa-code!!!!


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