Thursday, 1 July 2010


Posted by Rosie

You know that it is really hot when calling loudly the word, "Walk?" elicits absolutely no canine reaction. Today was such a day. Temperatures were in the low 30's and none of the animals really knew what to do with themselves. The ducks didn't want to come out at all and when they did they moved no further than the shade of the cherry tree. Pig upended his water bucket and wallowed in the resulting mud whilst Charlotte and the piglets stayed in the cool of their house. And the kittens? They did what kittens do best; found the coolest spot in the house and lounged there all day.

Would that we were cats but no rest for the wicked and Simon and I worked through the heat. Simon was laying tiles and doing woodwork and I chose today to clean out all the animals!! At last I am finally getting some garden produce so I was also harvesting and processing fruit and veg, watering and remembering to make Simon continual cups of tea. It's a good job he stocked up an tea bags when he was last over in the UK!


  1. Oh to be an animal in this heat, they have the most sensible approach - just flop and sleep.

    Sue xx

  2. That is a wonderful photo of the kittens :)

  3. Sue - oh wouldn't it just be nice so to be a cat in the heat

    Jo - thank you - they were too hot to scurry off as usually happens when I appear with the camera!


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