Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Gite News

Posted by Simon

I picked up the paint and varnish plus other materials in the UK. It was a very quick trip - in fact I spent less than 8 hours over there. Since my return we have been busy painting and varnishing.

And we have help. Two British girls, Freddie and Cat, who have been the main painters and 'varnishers'. This has meant I can spend the time laying floors, doing skirting boards etc and other fiddly time consuming jobs. Rosie has been busy looking for and ordering soft furnishings and helps with staining timber and varnishing. So things are moving along quite quickly.

The paint and varnish I got is organic. Although a little more costly it's been lovely to use. One room is painted with one of the major brands (so called) eco-paint but this is far inferior in comparison to Ecos Organic Paints. I must admit I did make one, slightish, error. I had two tins of Straw for the main bedroom and a tin of Sorbet for the mezzanine. We now have a Straw coloured mezzanine and a hybrid Sorbet/Straw bedroom. As it happens I think the Sorbet would have been too dark for the mezzanine and we all like the mix for the bedroom - although possibly a little too much on the yellow side.

One other job we have decided to do whilst the helpers are here is to pick up the stones from the grass area where the fosse has been installed. We decided we would do half hour per day. Yesterday we did just over that and it does make a difference but it was quite hard on the back and was a little tedious. And today? - well maybe 2 half hour session tomorrow!


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