Thursday, 3 June 2010

Meet Smokey

Posted by Rosie

After the cycle ride/walk round the lake on Sunday we had just one more surprise for the boys. He may be small now but hopefully he will grow up into a mega mouse murderer although at the moment he is content to kill small bits of paper, bare legs and anything that moves.

Welcome to Eco-Gites Smokey.


  1. awww he is gorgeous. We have given up all hope of our cat returning home and are resisting the temptation of replacing her.

    What a lovely surprise for the boys :)

  2. Aww.....what a lovely addition to the family, if he's anything like our two he'll have those mices under control before you know it!

    Enjoy him while he's little.

    Sue xx

  3. He's lovely! I hope that his mice murdering doesn't involve bringing the corpses to you!

  4. lovely

    our mice murderer brought me 2 offerings today....

  5. He is lovely isn't he - as for mousing, corpses I can cope with but Henry brings them back alive and then proceeds to play with them. Not nice.


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