Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Gite News

Posted by Simon

The kitchen is nearing completion now. I have been finishing work on the units and the tiling is done. The under stairs cupboard is also finished and I have started on some of those fiddly timber finishing bits - window sills etc. etc. - which seem to take for ever, especially as I am using old reclaimed wood or local oak planking which I have to prepare first. Rosie is staining and varnishing in between gardening and animals.

Having made the decision not to use the home made paint we are now waiting for a delivery of organic paint and varnish which I have to collect in the UK - so it will be a quick shopping trip as well. It is actually works out, cost wise, the same as buying paint in France. French paint is very expensive and absolute rubbish - even our milk paint is thicker and that's saying something.

Anyway I did manage a walk round the garden yesterday - with camera in hand. The orchard trees seem to be growing well although one plum did not survive the winter. Had to be the Victoria Plum which we can not get over here.

And I know we are a little short of grass but sheep we are not that short and ewe(sic) are getting extra feed as well. But there again they say the grass is always greener............


  1. :) :) Love the photo of the sheep.

    The kitchen is looking great Rosie. you have all worked so hard I hope it is a huge success !! Sure it will be :)

  2. Me again...hope you don't mind but I've set the sheep photo as my desktop background for a while. It just makes me smile.

  3. That's fine Sandra - and Simon must take the credit for the kitchen - all I have done is paint the bars on the balustrade and stain the cupboard - oh and advise Simon where to out the decorative tiles!!


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