Monday, 17 May 2010

Thoughts on Grouting

Posted by Rosie

  • Grouting a bathroom is boring and best accompanied by The Best of the Eighties CD Box Set.
  • Make sure this is the 4 CD Box Set because grouting the bathroom takes a long time.
  • Wear white if grouting with white grout and black if grouting with black grout because however tidy you are you will still get covered.
  • For all the fancy grouting tools that are probably available, your finger (or thumb) is the best tool for removing excess grout.
  • Old PJ's the boys have grown out of are the best buffing material - the ones I used were even organic!
  • Calling all suppliers of ready mixed grout - putting it is a round bucket is just daft because it is annoying impossible to scrape it our with a grouting spatula.
  • If you think grouting walls is boring - grouting bathroom floors is boring and MUCH harder which is why I was still there at 9.30pm trying to clean off the excess and swearing every time I smeared the grout YET again.

Did I mention, by the way, that Simon and I were grouting the bathroom yesterday?

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