Thursday, 13 May 2010

ANOTHER Bank Holiday!!

Posted by Rosie

Here in France it is a Bank Holiday (Jour Férié) today and despite only being the 13th it is already the third this month! This one is for Ascension Day and is always the Thursday that falls 40 days after Easter Sunday. Previously we have had May 1st (May Day) and May 8th (VE Day). This year both these fell on a Saturday and unlike the UK, they do not shift to the nearest Monday so the boys didn't get 2 extra days off school and nor will they next year when they fall on Sundays!! However all is not lost. They are off today and will be off tomorrow for what the French call Le Pont (The Bridge) and there is yet ANOTHER Bank Holiday on May 24th. This one is always on a Monday, being the Monday after Pentecost. Phew, with all thuese Bank Holidays it's no wonder there isn't room for a half term as well!

Unlike the earlier 2 Bank Holidays, this one looks like being a bit better in the weather department - the cold wind has dropped and the sun is shining. It was cold enough for a frost last night though and for this, the French will blame Les Saintes de Glace.

Mind you, Bank Holiday or not, life will pretty much go on as normal here - the animals are all fed and watered and I have a long list of gardening jobs to do. Simon came back yesterday with the kitchen for the gite and I have a feeling I may be on kitchen unit cleaning duty today. Not before I take delivery of some chicks though ........ more of this later :-)


  1. Oooh.....more chicks, what kind will they be?

    And I thought 2 Bank Holidays in one month was excessive!!

    Sue xx

  2. Yep - normal working day here. Up at 6.30 and out to work until 1pm. Just had lunch and I am now headed of for another 4 hours or so. It's a breeze, running gites. I'm told.

  3. Yep, no rest for the wicked ;)


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