Sunday, 28 February 2010

No Pressure Then?

Posted by Simon

Now with our website up and running to advertise the gite it's all go for the building works. With help from a neighbour I am getting along much faster now. Over the last couple of weeks or so a lot has come into place. Internal walls, insulation, ceilings and floors are nearing completion - well the first stage.

Also the electrics have been started and the first fix nearly completed. The plumber was suppose to also start last week but gladly he had to delay for a week. I think if the plumber had been here as well it would have been mayhem - plus I wasn't quite ready for him. He should be in this coming week and I think I'm now ready.

Like the UK we are experiencing wet and windy weather but I managed to spend a dryish afternoon doing some work on, our 'ongoing saga', the fosse septic filter beds. Although a bit wet for soil moving both Rosie and I are fed up with piles of soil around so I decided to do something about it and at least half of it is now buried under ground and all the pipe work finished.

This morning I took a turn at feeding the animals. I must admit I hadn't done it for a while. So with Ben's help we did the rounds. When we got to the sheep's field I found Saari in the sheep's field, then I realised one of the ewes had not turned up for breakfast and finally it sunk in. The missing ewe was the one who hadn't lambed yet. So a recce into the field and there she was with one little lamb. Both mum and baby seem fine but what a day to bring a lamb into the world - cold, wet, windy and bleak.

And Saari just wants to protect and mother the lambs. She is constantly going into the field and checking on the lambs and we are constantly calling her out again. This is another reason to get the soil piles removed as she uses these to jump over into the field.

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  1. yeh - congrats on successful lambing :)


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