Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Eco-gites booking website launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Eco-Gite de Lénault Information and Booking web page. To access the new page either click here or on the picture at the top of the right-hand sidebar.

We have also finally decided on a name for the gite. When we first arrived here the barn was full to the rafters with hay and our first job was to clear it all out. Our neighbouring farmer took much of it and we kept some back for animal bedding. Whilst using some in the sheep pen a week or so ago the gite's name came to me - The Haybarn or La Grange à Foin.

La Grange à Foin is available for bookings from July 2010 and we look forward to welcoming our first guests this summer.

Rosie and Simon Hill


  1. HURRAY !!!! well done on all your hard work. The very best of luck!!!

    I shall start working on Tim :-)

  2. Well done Rosie and Simon! Congratulations and best wishes.

  3. Absolutely brilliant, well done both of you. I hope it is a huge success and you get lots of lovely friendly folk to stay.

    Who know's one day I may be over...(sighs wistfully at the thought of a holiday.....)!!

    Sue xx

  4. Woohoo, hurray! Oh man, you guys put in so much work; congrats to you two!

  5. Now all we've got to do is get it finished for July!! Anyone fancy a working holiday before then ......

  6. Great result folks! Need to find room in our calendar now!

  7. Great news - good luck! Next time we get a chance for a holiday in France you'll be top of the list!

  8. We'd love to see you all here sometime (and there's plenty to do if you happen to be missing any animals etc you might have left at home!!)


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