Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Red Sky at Night ....

Posted by Rosie

...Shepherd's Delight.
Red Sky in the Morning,
Shepherd's Warning.

This was the sky this morning just after I dropped the boys off at the bus stop. It had been even more dramatic but the morning colours were fading fast and I was lucky to get this picture before they disappeared completely.

So, acording to the Old English saying I am now wondering what the weather has in store. A quick
look at the 10 day forecast actually predicts a much brighter outlook. After several weeks of being rain and wind battered the forecast has light rain for part of the next few days and then a period of settled but much colder weather. I'm glad I found the box of gloves and hats when re-arranging the loft, Winter is well and truely here.


  1. What a gorgeous photo. Mother nature is amazing!

    Let's hope the old warnng is wrong for once and the weather continues nice, (we even have a dry day here in Oxfordshire!!).

    Sue xx

  2. oh my that sounds very red - does that mean very bad weather??? I hope not. Lovely photo and fingers crossed for you, those I do love warning a cosy hat myself and coming into a warm house.

  3. Great photo of a beautiful sky, but then most things are lovely in Normandy.

    Apart from le périphérique de Caen. That's not very nice.

  4. Gorgeous photo - hope the forecast is wrong ....even if it is chucking it down here again!

  5. great pic.

    i just want it to stop raining...

  6. Well it did only rain for half the day today - the half when we were stacking the 5 cubic meters of firewood that arrived unexpectedly after lunch!

    Rural Idiocy - ah yes the periwhatsit - still not as scary as the M25 and I used to drive on that almost every day.

  7. Great picture! Winter skies are beautiful - alas we don't seem to have had anything but rain here for awhile...

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  9. Hiya Rosie! :)
    Wow what a delightful picture. I hope you and the boys are well and looking forward to the run up to Christmas. Xx


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