Friday, 11 December 2009

Normandy Wellies

Posted by Simon

Now rain is something a future gite operator does not like to mention too often, although it is a necessary fact of life. Well like the UK we have had our fair share of rain at the moment. Plus the place resembles a building site. Your average mud wallower would be in it's element here.

So when our hard working Helper left he decided to take drastic action to protect his shoes. Well with a train journey to Paris and future flight to the States I can understand why.

I think the dogs where rather bemused - or perhaps they're thinking if they are available in doggy sizes!


  1. Heh he! Great picture :D
    At last we've had our first hard frost over here in Blighty. I cannot believe it's been so mild up until now. Fingers crossed the rain will hold off for a few weeks more at least. I hope you and Rosie have a great weekend, Simon. x

  2. Its been just the same here over in Brittany, wet, wet, wet! Quite a frost this morning though but hey its December.

  3. Welcome to the blog Chris - are you as frosty as us now? Lots of frozen buckets and hard ruts here this morning.


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