Friday, 20 November 2009

Protect the Tooth Mouse

Posted by Rosie

A friend popped in this morning and whilst chatting over coffee she recounted this lovely little story which I wanted to share.

Recently, her son lost his first tooth (kicked out accidentally by his friend but that is neither here nor there!). Now in England, America and I'm sure many countries, lost teeth are placed under the pillow and the Tooth Fairy takes them in exchange for some money. In France and other European countries the Fairy is replaced by the Tooth Mouse. Young Raphael places his tooth under his pillow. So far so good. Then the panic sets in. Mice have many enemies. So to ensure the safest possible passage for this money-carrying rodent all the mousetraps in the house had to be unset and the cat had to spend the night outside!!

Much to Raphael's relief, the Mouse took the tooth and delivered his money. He was happy but I'm not sure what the cat thought about all of this!


  1. too sweet, what a little cutie he is!!

  2. LOL! A tooth mouse - how wonderful!! Though I felt sorry for the poor cat having to spend the night outdoors!!

  3. LOL @ the cat sleeping outside just to ensure that the little mouse will do his job! Haha! And she beeped you in the morning just to tell you the story. A close friend, indeed. Did she tell you how much the mouse left? I think the mouse is pretty rich. LOL!


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