Saturday, 21 November 2009

Bed Time

Posted by Simon

We have another 'helpex'er' arriving tomorrow and it was with a sudden realisation that we did not have enough beds. Sleeping on the floor is okay for a while but for a few weeks is not so nice. Also one of the beds is Ben's old toddler bed and he is now too long for it. So I decided to make a new bed for Ben.

Over the last couple of evening I have been working away in the workshop and last night it was finished. Ben was bought in, with eyes closed, to the workshop and when he opened them and saw the bed his face was a picture. Then he saw that I had routed his name in the headboard - he was over the moon. He then spent the next hour helping us sand it down.

This morning we moved beds and furniture around, as we'll have both Tom and Ben in our room for the next couple of weeks. Dragos (helpex'er) and I got the new bed into Ben's bedroom- through the window and tonight Ben gets to sleep in his new bed. But only for one night as our other helpex arrives tomorrow. Ben is back in the toddler bed.

And I'm sure you can guess - yes, I'll be making a bed for Tom next.


  1. excellent job!

    and isn't it so cool when your kids appeciate what you make for them :)

  2. What a special gift and what a lucky lad. I had the very same idea floating around in my head the other day, sadly my woodwork skills are non-existent! Maybe something to focus on in the future.

    Lovely work.


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