Monday, 16 November 2009

I Spoke Too Soon

Posted by Simon

"Rosie get a photo for the blog- my idea of reversing the grading bucket on the mini digger and filling the far trench with the gravel just abouts works"

So it's camera and action. The arm of the digger at, full stretch, just about reaches the far trench and this will save me ages in having to wheelbarrow the gravel round. Not the best of jobs especially in wet muddy ground.

Photo taken I happily continue my task. Phut,phut phut goes the digger and the engine dies. What now - I cannot believe this! "Rosie you're not going to believe it but that very naughty digger has stop running again" (well, words close to that).

It sounded like a fuel problem or dirt in the system. So for the next hour I clean it out and tried to get it going again. Unfortunately, although I had not ran out of diesel, there was not enough in the tank to push it through to the engine. Off to the local(ish) petrol station. And after a couple of false starts I get it going again, although one of the filters had to be bypassed. I cleaned this filter and the digger worked for a few minutes with the filter in-line before dying again - so as this seems to be causing the problem whence I have bypassed it again. I'll get a new one as soon as I can because at the end of the day it is doing it's job.

And I did get the trench filled but talk about 'don't speak too soon'! Plus another job that took three times longer as planned.

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