Thursday, 26 November 2009

Boris is a dad, a dad, a dad......

Posted by Simon

....a dad, a dad, a dad, a dad. This afternoon I was suppose to be helping our friend Ian to get 2 lambs ready for the freezer, but to my surprise I was told that Isadora had gone into labour and Jane was with her.

Two piglets had already been born by the time I arrived but I watched the next four come into the world. It was great. We kept them away from mum for a while whilst she was in labour because of the risk of mum rolling on the piglets, then we got them feeding from mum.

We were not sure if all the the piglets had been born but as the placenta had not been pushed out the was a chance of more to come. And sure enough one more little piglet popped out - and looked very much like dad. Now she has the name of 'Boris Minor'.


  1. : ) Hurray Congratulations !!!

  2. Wonderful news, so which one will be eaten first! Oh I am bad, hahaha. They are goregous, congrats

  3. Well many congrataulations go to the lovely Boris and a big welcome into the world for the lovely little piggies, especially Boris Minor (brilliant name!).

    Oooh....I can't wait for our first litter of little piggies.

    Sue xx

  4. Oh they are adorable! All spotty and cute..... well done to all concerned!


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