Monday, 21 September 2009

Help Exchange

Posted by Rosie

We have signed up today to be a HelpExchange Host. As taken from their webpage, Help Exchange (HelpX), is an "online listing of host organic farms, non-organic farms, farmstays, homestays, ranches, lodges, B&Bs, backpackers hostels and even sailing boats who invite volunteer helpers to stay with them short-term in exchange for food and accommodation."

There are several reasons why we have decided to do this. First and foremost it will give us (well Simon really) some much needed help around the place and notably in the gite. It will also give us the chance to meet people from all over the world, exchange cultural views and both give and receive experience and advice.

If you want to find our host information we are Host number 6198.


  1. That site is a great idea! A good one to be listed on I expect. x

  2. sounds like a great idea - i'll bet you make some good friends too.

  3. oh my god, what a fabulous idea. Damn it, I can't afford to get over to France at the moment or I'd be there, I miss it!
    Good luck and I hope you meet and blog about many great people.


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