Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Strawberries. Lots of strawberries!

Posted by Rosie

Well I never thought I'd say this but I'm actually getting ever so slightly fed up of the sight of strawberries!! I planted my strawberry bed last Spring and had just a few fruits last year, most of which Ben ate before they got to the kitchen. But this year even Ben can't manage to eat the amount I am harvesting. This is about a third of what I picked today and I still have a quarter of the bed to go. I reckon I have picked at least 15kgs overall and they are still coming. Ahhhhhh!!

So what have I done with them all? Well of course we started with eating just the fruit but then I moved on to:

  • Strawberry crumble (requested by Ben)
  • Strawberry liqueur (not requested by Ben)
  • Strawberry jam (my favourite)
  • Strawberry buns
  • Strawberry ice-cream (2 different recipes)
  • Strawberry lollies
  • Strawberry shortcake
  • Strawberry yoghurt
  • Strawberry iced sherbet (Simon made this)
  • Strawberry sauce - (2 different types)
  • and I have 3 jars of bottled strawberries in the oven as I type.
Others I have frozen and I'm off to search for any freezable recipes so I can enjoy the fruits of my labours as mid-winter treat.
Oh and I almost forget - I had a couple of sliced strawberries in my Pimms this evening ;-)


  1. im not jealous... oh no... uhuh.. not me... grumble....

  2. Am also using up fruit and veg in Pimms!

    Well, mint, strawbs and cucumber...its 3 of our 5 a day!

  3. ooooh :( Strawberries. I love strawberries.I only have four plants- new this year so just picking one at a time, although I know you aren't suppose to let them fruit in the first year..maybe next year I'll be asking for your recipies !

    No pimms either : (

    Compostwoman - cucmbers already ? !

  4. CiG - if only I could send you some!! I mght try your recipe of creme brulee with hidden strawberrries.

    CW - Cucumber in Pimms - I forgot about that and I picked my first one yesterday.

    Annie (or anyone else)- Let me know if you want any recipes (some I found online anyway!).

    Right I'm off to pick the other quarter of the bed, after I've finished my breakfast of muesli .... with strawberries!!

  5. Oooh.....the stress of too many strawberries....yum yum!! Haha, only kidding, looks like you have a brilliant crop, is there any way you can sell some on or barter some maybe?

    Sue xx

  6. oh such stress lol!! we have a good crop this year,however the smalls can & wil eat all we pick,it astonishes me!! I long for enough to be glutted with!
    GTM x xx x

  7. Wow fantastic crop there. We have lots of plants but as is winter now no fruit til summer at least Dec.

  8. Hasn't it been the most amazing year for fruit? We had gallons of strawberries too but also cherries - so many the birds left us MASSES. I never thought this particular fruit bat would be sick of cherries! Hoping the figs and peaches will be as abundant.


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