Sunday, 14 June 2009

Relaxing - for some

Posted by Simon

It is coming to the end of a very restful and relaxing weekend, for me anyway. Rosie did another boot fair today and has been busy making cakes and biscuits and generally getting herself ready for it. She spent the day selling her wares and did reasonably well. I took the two boys over to the boot fair and we met various people we knew and spent the time chatting, eating crepes and sausage and chips. All very pleasant.

This afternoon the boys had some TV time and I read my book; knowing me I may have fitted in 40 winks as well. I was glad of this because late yesterday afternoon I got a message that a friend was staying in Caen overnight and then doing the Caen 1/2 marathon this morning before returning to the UK. I went up to Caen and met Andrew and his Father-in-law, Peter. We had a very pleasant evening catching up over a beer and coffee. We were sitting 'al-fresco' at a bar next to the marina. Most of the population of Caen seemed to be out and about having a very laid back evening. It was the first time I've been to Caen like that and and it won't be my last - it was an extremely enjoyable evening in a lovely atmosphere. It ended up being quite a late night.

And the weekend started in it's relaxing form as on Friday evening Tom and Ben planted a pumpkin plant each to see who can grow the biggest pumpkin before we went to some friends for a BBQ.

Ben is getting along fine with his arm in plaster and has managed to do most things boys do - ride his bike, fall off his bike, etc. - and his arm seems to be healing well. But one lesson I had today whilst trying to teach the boys to play Swingball - is not to stand too close to a naturally left handed person who is learning Swingball and playing with his other hand due to normal arm being in plaster. Am I allowed to stay 'wrong ball!'


  1. oooooohhh oowchhhh...
    Glad the little chap is managing with the cast tho,they feel so wierd when they come off,all light & naked & odd lol!
    GTM x x

  2. so the wife goes of to work and you rest mmmmmmmmmmmm regards ian xxxx


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