Thursday, 11 June 2009

Farm fresh milk

Posted by Rosie

I bought these two milk churns for 3 euros at a Boot Fair recently and they are now full of milk from our neighbouring farm's cows. 3 litres of warm fresh milk for 1.50€. Now, as well as having the most local milk we can (without actually having our own cow) I plan to have a go at making butter, soft cheese and yoghurt. I have made yoghurt with sterilised milk and the results were OK but not brilliant - hopefully this time I'll be happier.


  1. How lovely. You can make cream as well.

  2. Great stuff; I'd lvoe a cow, but have settled for two (yet to be milked) goats in the meantime. Real milk hard to get around here, my friendly dairyman moved house and farm! Look forward to reading about your dairying exploits, shout if you need any info and I'll try to help out.
    I have churn envy now LOL



  3. Fabulous. Best of luck with making all those dairy products. Has been a bit of a resurgence in cheese making here in NZ with courses being run all round the country. Hope you have access to some good resources to help you.

  4. excellent. I look forward to hearing how you get on - i got a cheese makign kt for xmas.. not got around to it yet...

    are you at all worried about bTB?

  5. I've had no time to do anything with this milk delivery except drink it - and it is lovely.

    BTB - I wasn't worried until you mentioned it ...... in truth though no, I'm not worried.


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