Monday, 4 May 2009

New Field

Posted by Simon

Our neighbouring farmer, Patrice, came over to us the other day and asked us if we would like use of a field which is just over a quarter of a hectare in size. Patrice showed us the field which is about 200 metres from us and we were obviously very interested. We had a think over the proposals and after checking out some issues we are now 'renting' a field. Our rent is to keep the field maintained. For Patrice it is too much on a slope and too small for crops and it's not good for his cattle, so now the bramble and other scrub are starting to take it over. We think he has to keep the field reasonably maintained so handing it over to us suits him as well.

One main concern was how long we had the field for. We did not want to spend time and money clearing the field and fencing it to only find he wanted it back in a couple of years or so, but Patrice has assured us that the field is no good to him and he only wished he had thought of 'renting' it to us previously.

This has come at a good time for us as we will be doing building works in the fields that the sheep use, therefore reducing their space. I started work on the field by levelling the track in and cutting the bramble back along the fence line. I have, also, flattened an area to build an animal shelter and will start the fencing tomorrow. We have decided to split the field into two, putting the sheep in one half and over the next few months get the other half cleared and fenced.

I know this has delayed starting the gite but long term it will be a great asset and, as I said before, will help with the problem of reduced grazing whilst we carry out building works.


  1. Sounds like a good plan..I wish we had a neighbour like him!

    Good luck :-)

  2. Will watch progress with interest. The fields around ehre are owned by the Estate, so no chance of renting anything at all from them. I may have an option on an acre up the road some time, so keeping my ears for that.



  3. Wish somebody would 'rent' me a field!
    Good luck with all your work - I'm looking forward to being able to come and stay in the gite when it's done!

  4. Welcome Nutty Gnome - seeing people write that they actually want to come and stay here gives us a great boost. We look forward to welcoming you one day soon.


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