Friday, 8 May 2009

Field and Fencing

Posted by Simon

I have finished fencing the part of the field plus made and installed a gate. I got slightly behind as the digger developed a fault and would not start. To make matters worse it was in the field at the bottom of a steep slope. The problem was with a wire that the previous owner had just stuffed back into a connector and now had vibrated lose. This then led to a flat battery and then a fuse blowing. The wire is located at the back of the engine and to get to it you have to work from inside the cab. The seat has to be removed then two panels to get to the rear of the engine compartment. There is hardly any room for manoeuvre especially as it was right next to the exhaust, so I had to wait until it had cooled down to make a better repair. Well eventually it was back working, although a permanent repair is now required.

Tomorrow I have to build a shelter for the sheep and then somehow we have to move four sheep from their present field, through the garden, down the track (about 200 metres), left onto the track to the field, through the first part of the field and then into the fenced part of the field -could be a very entertaining time for all!

I'm sure we'll let you know how we get on, when we have recovered!!


  1. Nice job with the fence...we are about to re fence a lot of our land (arrh )

    Ooo good luck with the sheep!

    I hanker after sheep..but then I remember the advice given to me

    "sheep are just waiting for an excuse to die on you for no good reason other than sheer spite"

    told to me by a shepherd of 70 years experience....

    not sure if that is really the case...but IME it does seem to be so....

    I fancy pigs in our wood, for preference.

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