Monday, 20 April 2009

Ouch, that hurt!

Posted by Rosie

I had a trip to the osteopath today - the second in 4 days to be precise. My back has always given me trouble and it got to the point last week when it hurt so much that I really needed to do something about it. I picked up Les Pages Jaunes , dialed the number of the nearest osteopath and booked an appointment.

Well the good news was my sacro-iliac joints were not too misaligned (as they have been in the past) - but the surrounding muscles and tendons were very inflamed - in other words, no major bone crunching but some painful manipulations and a bill for 100 euros. As I said - ouch - that hurt!!

During my consultation he showed me some exercises to keep my back supple and so hopefully pain free. He also advised always making sure I stand squarely on both feet and I do not cross my legs when sitting. To be honest until he told me these I had not realised how often I did both. Typing now, I really want to cross my legs, but with the threat of more pain and another 100 euro bill I might just manage to both do my exercises and not cross my legs.

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