Friday, 24 April 2009


Posted by Rosie

Last Sunday we all went to a Vide Grenier (Boot Fair) at the nearby village of Pont├ęcoulant. Whilst there we met some people who had bought a cake from my stall at Easter. I was chatting away when suddenly a photographer appeared and snapped a picture of us. Much to my surprise, the picture appeared in the local paper this week - L'Orne Combattant. Fame indeed!!


  1. Well done all!

    nice to get some recognition for hard work...

    I DO like your play tower as well..but best I don't get Simon to build one for me..I am having enough trouble talking to insurers who seem to think my woodland camps involve far more than just playing in the woods! They seem to envisage climbing walls, high rope walks and high wire activities! ( and tigers? wtflip is that all about?)

  2. You have now most certainly 'arrived'! Not incomers anymore, definitely faster than rural Devon...


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