Thursday, 12 February 2009

Glorious Gardening Days

Posted by Rosie

The last two days have been glorious and I have got on with loads of seed sowing. The drying box is full to the brim with seeds trays and the borders of the polytunnel are filling up fast. If the weather holds tomorrow I need to get in broad beans and do more digging. And there were signs of spring everywhere - I took these photos whilst walking the dogs:

Shoots of wild garlic which I can't wait to be big enough to forage. They make such a great risotto with leeks.

Catkins - some of Nature's first flowers. But YOU try explaining to a 5 year old that they are flowers - take it from me - mine doesn't believe me!!

Where-as snowdrops (perce-neige) really are flowers. As a child I learnt this little poem about them and I have never forgotten it:

I like to think that long ago,
there fell to earth some flakes of snow,
that liked this dull grey world of ours
so much, they stayed as snowdrop flowers.
Oh dear - I've just checked the weather forecast and there is snow then rain forecast for tonight and tomorrow!


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  2. Thanks for the invite - I was wondering how to contact you.

  3. Where I live it's warm most of the year, but we still get to see signs of spring. Isn't it fun to know that summer days are ahead?

  4. Hi Charity Grace - it's been much milder today but overcast. I found some beautiful tiny speedwell flowers whilst walking the dogs - Spring really is heading our way.


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