Monday, 26 January 2009

Wot no Birds?

Posted by Rosie

I did my version of the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch yesterday - an hour in the garden seeing what different birds I could see, recording the maximum number I saw at any one time. The results:

Wren (1)
Blackbird (1)
Sparrow (3)
Chaffinch (3)
Great tit (1)
Crow (2)
Robin (1)
Wood pigeon (1)

....which I personally think is a very miserable score, not at all reflective of the amount and number of birds around here. But it was an absolutely foul day - cold, wet and windy and any self-respecting bird was tucked up in some warm place and was not coming out just to be added to a birdwatch count. So no buzzards, goldfinches, grey wagtails, fieldfares, redwings, woodpeckers, blue tits, greenfinches, kestrels, dunnocks, jays, starlings, thrushes etc - all of which I have seen around here over the last few days.
And I have just come in from feeding the animals having already seen two blue tits!!

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  1. Rosie I did it yesterday and got a similar, unrepresentitively useless result, also!

    It was foul here as well and all birds were hiding I think...

    BUT I also did it on Sat when it was nice so I DO have some results to send, which are more normal....

    and the verification word is "twittrings"!!


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