Sunday, 7 December 2008


Posted by Simon

The weather, like the UK, has been pretty wet interspersed with those lovely frosty cold sunny days. But whatever the weather, being out, especially walking the dogs, has been a pleasure. The countryside seems to change every day. Small tumbling streams to fast flowing torrents, lush green valleys to lowland lakes due to overflowing rivers. The downside is that it is much harder to get things done (well that's my excuse Rosie - what's yours?)

As the weather was pretty good, yesterday, we decided to go up to a port called Grandcamp-Maisy (near Omaha Beach) as it was their annual Coquille Saint-Jacques en FĂȘte. This included looking over the scallop boats, various exhibitions and market stalls, all to be followed by a firework display. It was all very interesting but I was not sure about the 'scallop nets' as they are designed to rip the sea bed up to collect this shellfish - but on saying this, I must admit we did buy some scallops.

We had some time to spare before having a meal and the fireworks so we went down onto the beach. The boys played in the sand and then played 'tag' with us, whilst the dogs had a good run round. Both Rosie & I really enjoyed watching boys and dogs playing. After taking the dogs back to the car we found a local restaurant where we had an excellent meal with a scallop starter and fish main course. And the fireworks - well the man organising them apparently forgot to turn up!

Anyway, the boys had a great time making sandcastles on the beach, in the dark, and this evening we had a tasty scallop supper.


  1. Mmmmmmmm scallops...(drool)

    but I understand what you mean about the nets.....

    sounds like you all had a lovely day, though!

    and guess what the verification word is? trawlyl !

  2. Rosie please visit yesterdays post. Your gonna like it! have a great evening


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