Sunday, 14 December 2008

Take three cockerels .....

Posted by Rosie

..... and you can enjoy:

Lots of bags of chicken pieces filling the new freezer
A huge amount of stock made into large quantities of chicken and veg and pumpkin soup
Enough chicken for a couple of pies
Liver and onions in red wine.

And it makes a pleasant change from pork!

The chickens cost us 2.90€ in late July and we spent about 20€ on food so at my calculation each bird cost us just under 10€ each and they weighed in at an average of 2.75 Kilos (that's 6lbs in old money). Free range chickens of that weight on the market are well over 20€ each and as we don't want to buy into the factory farmed 2 for a fiver chickens some supermarkets offer we are very pleased with our returns from this venture.

Next step - breed our own .......


  1. yaayy!!! you must be so proud!the smalls now proudly tell people that they ate *Sid the Chick* lol!!

  2. excellent. we were a tad disappointed that the chicks we raised earlier this year were all girls.. were looking forward to eating them,.. but its a waste to eat a POL... now they are giving us eggs. still maybe next time..

    sounds like your freezers are bulging!

  3. "Is this one of ours?" is a comment frequently heard in the Hill House as the boys greedily tuck into another home-produced dinner.

    We bought 6 meat birds back in July - we were told the browns were a better taste but produced less meat and the whites were a lesser taste but produced more meat. The browns (all cockerels) are the ones in the freezer and the whites all turned out to be girls who have started laying. We will keep them a while longer to keep our winter egg numbers up then put them in the freezer. Then we can do a taste comparison. We will get some more meat and laying birds in the spring and if we can get suitable breeds we will try and breed some of our own too.


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