Wednesday, 12 November 2008

All change

Posted by Rosie

I finally got around to doing a job I've been putting off for so long ...... swapping winter and summer things. And it was really very easy and very satisfying. So, all summer duvets, hammocks and sleeping bags are bagged up, labeled and up in the loft plus some curtains and bed linen friends gave us. The box of my winter woollies came down and, once emptied was refilled with shorts, cropped trousers and skimpy summer tops. And probably not a moment too soon as with clear skies tonight, the temperature is dropping fast outside.

Not that it is cold inside though, as the woodburner is chucking out heat keeping the whole house warm. The wood is actually working four times for me this evening - heating up the house, drying some washing on the overhead drier, keeping the pets of the Hill house very warm and cooking 2 large vats of tomatillo preserves. The latter are a bit experimental so I hope they work. Tomatillo and apple jam, adapted from a green tomato jam recipe and tomatillo and date chutney adapted from a rhubarb chutney recipe. The smell gorgeous and I'll let you know how they turn out in due course. I also hope that by using the woodburner I have solved the problem of jams always burning on the bottom when I use my preserving pan on the gas. So far, it's looking good with no telltale black bits in the jam.

Simon gets back from England on Saturday morning and I leave Sat evening! It's all change on my ferry crossing too. Speed Ferries are still not running so I have had to book a more expensive overnight crossing Caen to Portsmouth with Brittany Ferries. I'll kip on the floor and just hope I don't chose the spot next to the champion snorer!

And finally on "All change", Ben is trying very hard to change a habit he picked up when we first moved here - namely having the landing light on all night. Last night he went to sleep with just my bedroom light on and then the landing light on after I went up. Tonight, without telling him, I have put my bedroom light on but nearly closed the door. He didn't say anything and asked for me to turn all the lights off tonight. He has both his lamp and his wind-up torch by his pillow - in case he wakes and gets scared. So I may be in for a dark, peaceful night - or I may be in for the joys of a frightened 5 year old at 3 O'clock in the morning.


  1. have a good trip to Blighty

  2. We're still without heating (aside from the small woodburner) and - as you say - the temperature is heading down. The girls still think it is a fine joke. Give it a week...

  3. Look at the cat and dog basking in he fires light. the cat looks exactly like my mothers cat. She leans right over from the position your cat ins in the and sleeps face down, nose squashed into the rug! When the cat sleeps like that, you know it is cold!!!

    Have you tried on of those super efficient space night lights? I will find a link and put it on later

  4. Colouritgreen - I hope to have a good trip but it will involve a lot of rushing around and miles travelled.

    Jon - I imagine you are having lots of family time in front of the woodburner then ;-)

    SoL - all went well with Ben - he had a bit of a winge early on but I comforted him and he went back to sleep. He came down later ("Oh No - Here we go!" I thought) but he just wanted a drink. I turned all the lights out when I went up and I never heard another peep out of him 'til morning. Fingers crossed all will go well this evening then.


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