Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Perfect pasta

The chickens are really laying well at the moment - well 5 of them are if not the sixth, so I have been scanning my recipe books and forums for eggy recipes. We have visitors once again and as one is vegetarian, spinach lasagne seems the perfect choice. So out came the pasta machine (thank you Colour it Green for the idea) and Simon set to and made lots of spinach lasagne. I cooked up huge vats of spinach, mixed vegetables, white sauce and tomato sauce and soon I had 5 lasanges in the oven - 2 for eating straight away and 3 for freezing. It is so satisfying making food from our own produce and knowing I will be spending a lot less on my food bill over the coming months.


  1. I have never made pasta,I have a machine Mrs L found at the tip fo rme! brand new in the box(crazy what some folks throw away) I really should get into gear & make some shouldnt I......

    It feels so good doesnt it to prepare homegrown stuff & freeze & store it for the months come,we will soon fire up the 2nd freezer as the first one is full! it was only bought a month or so back eek!
    I read Animal Vegetable Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver a while back & found it so inspirational,I have a lonnnng way to go yet but I do love knowing I am on the best path for us :o)

  2. Because we were in the process of moving last year I had almost no produce from the garden and of course had to empty the freezer. I found it very strange (and expensive) having to buy everything. Now with the garden in full swing I feel much happier, knowing I can feed the family with at least some of my own stuff. "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" looks like a really good read. We too have a long way to go before all our food in home or locally produced but it will be easier here in France than in England I think.

    And you must get that pasta machine out - we haven't used it as much as we should but when we do the feeling of satisfaction is immense ..... and it tastes good too.

  3. Great stuff, have to try it. I found using the Pasta n' More saves me so much time in the kitchen. I found it at


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