Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Rosie is in England this week working at various schools either doing environmental games or planning gardens with the pupils. She is also catching up with friends, buying essentials, e.g. Marmite, Bran Flakes and Cheddar Cheese, or getting for me bits for the digger and a new bench saw.

I've, therefore, been very busy with the boys and by some miracle I've had them dressed, breakfasted and got to the catch the school bus on time - well so far! Although Ben's colour scheme yesterday evening, when we went to our friends (French) for dinner, was at the least interesting and definitely had the look of a father dressing him. In fact he dressed himself and there was nothing I could do to change his dress sense.

I have made a large BBQ from cutting an old hot water cylinder in half. The other halve will be used as a feed trough for the sheep in the winter. So on Saturday evening I & J came round and we tested it out, burning logs down to embers to cook on. The BBQ was rather on the large size for only the 5 of us but will be great when we have larger number of people around. It was a lovely evening both weather and food wise.

On Sunday I took Tom, Ben and dogs to the old Vire/Mortain railway track for a cycle ride again (and no the dogs did not ride bikes). We had a successful adventure although we did have to stop every few hundred metres for drinks and snacks!

Work wise I have started the fencing, greatly assisted this time by using the post hole borer that I got with the digger. I don't know why I did not use it for the last lot of fencing, perhaps I just wanted to make life hard. I have also dug out the herb bed and have started to plant that up and hopefully Rosie will be getting some more herbs for it. Otherwise this week I have installed a pump which is now taking water from the well up to the polytunnel which saves us using metered mains water. Hopefully, in time, we can run the pump by solar power. Also I've caught up with some other little jobs that needed doing. For the rest of the week I'll carry on fencing and doing essential gardening.

I am a little pleased with myself as I was told by the friends we had dinner with yesterday that my French was improving - well there's hope for me yet!

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