Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Last night we weren't sure the local M Renard was not in for a feast as come bedtime and chook role call we were one short. We were a bit late putting them to bed and whilst 9 had seen the sense to toddle back to the shed themselves, one decided, for what-ever reason a chicken decides anything, to stay out. Well, it's dark by now so there we are, torch in hand, looking round all the likely places a chicken might be at 10 O'clock at night. "I think it's in the workshop" says Simon - "I can hear it." Sure enough there are chicken sort of sounds emanating from the workshop - but there is no sign of it. Strangely though, the sounds of chicken are as loud inside the workshop as outside. I investigate further. Now if you had told me that a workshop door, on a still night could creak in such a way as the perfectly imitate a stay-out-late chook then I would have laughed out loud. It certainly fooled both of us. I strongly suspect by this time the said stay-out-late chook was snuggled up somewhere warm and hopefully safe so we abandoned the search and hoped M Renard wasn't feeling like chicken tonight.

And the outcome? I got up this morning (slightly late), legged it outside to let the dogs out and feed what remaining chooks we had and was nearly sent flying by a cross but very much alive chook sitting on the doorstep. So M Renard did not feast at La Causserie on this occasion.

Now Saari - that's another story. Simon, on Sunday, had bought the boys and himself 3 cakes from a local bakery. Very nice cakes ....... well Saari thought so. On the way home they popped into friends to collect a spanner and whilst Simon remembered to put the baguette on the roof of the car, he thought the boxed cakes in the front would be safe. Safe? From Saari? You are joking!!! However it was only on Monday as I was out walking that a thought dawned on me. What was the date on Sunday? June 15th. That rings a bell. It was only Saari's birthday so she must have thought they were her birthday cakes!!!

No cake feast maybe but we are beginning to feast off home-grown produce. The veg garden is now really doing well and yesterday much of our food was our own. For lunch we has new potatoes, peas, a poached egg and salad - only a few extras in the salad were shop bought. And for dinner - caramelised onion tart with cabbage.

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