Wednesday, 4 June 2008

At Long Last!

It is up! - yes after what seemed like weeks of hard work, waiting for the wind to drop etc. etc. I have at last finished putting the polytunnel up. With the help of Sally (my sister) we eventually got the cover on. It was then a case of stretching it tight. Going round the corners to do the ends was a problem and I had to have a bit of a re-design after I made a slight error with the scisssors! We have got an overhead irrigation system with it and I have set this up but the water pressure is too low for efficient use, so I'll have to get some 'leaky' hose for watering. I must admit if I ever have to put a polytunnel up again I would not do one this large but opt for two smaller ones.

Rosie has started planting up the polytunnel. The seedlings were getting very pot bound from waiting for me to finish but they are recovering quickly now they are in the ground. Tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, tomatillos, aubergines, peppers and chillies are now planted, plus soya beans and chickpeas. It will be a bit experimental this year but I'm sure we'll have great returns from it and find it a useful aid to reach our aims.

The veg patch is growing very well and we are starting to reap the benefits. And we are now getting about two eggs per day. The first eggs were very small but a more standard size are now being laid. The small hens and the lambs are rapidly growing. The hens are very amusing and follow you around which will not make it easy when it's time to get them ready for the pot.

It was Ben's fifth birthday last Friday. He is now the proud owner of a new bike (with the all important gears) and on Sunday we decided to try it out. Tom, Ben Sally & I (and the dogs) went to, what was once, the Vire/Mortain railway line, now a walking/cycling track. It was a great place to cycle with the boys as there are no vehicles and the dogs ran beside us (most of the time). Tom, me and the dogs did 10kms (5kms each way), whilst Ben and Sally covered 6kms. Although Sally said he must have done another few kilometres going round the car park!

This week I'm planning to dig out a herb bed and plant that up. Then I must get on and do some more fencing as the sheep will have soon munched down the existing area. Well that will save me some mowing. Also, I have to keep up the other mowing, trim existing hedges and finish weeding the newly planted ones. Another quiet week at La Causserie then!

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