Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Progress Made

After our fruitful discussion regarding the location of the walnut tree this has now been resolved, it drove us a little nutty for awhile and is now somewhere completely different to our original ideas. Walnut trees can grow quite large and quickly so it has now been placed adjacent to the proposed boule playing area (which will double up as a hard play area). This will offer shade here in the future. We also planted a cobnut in one of the hedges.

I also finished putting the stakes and ties on the orchard trees and have finally planted up the last hedgerow tree for this year. Over 1000 have been planted. Rosie has carried on with her allotment plus we have done some more coppicing and starting to get in next years firewood plus bean poles and pea sticks.

Although we have done a lot of work over the last few months it only now, with the laid hedges, all the planting, and getting to grips with the allotment, that it really looks like we are progressing, which has given us a real boost.

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