Monday, 29 December 2014

Post Christmas Walk

Posted by Rosie

On Boxing Day we do like to get out for a nice long walk - this year however Boxing Day was drizzly and really rather horrible and not ideal for a decent walk.  Also, having spent Christmas Day in the gite we needed to get it ready for guests who were arriving on Saturday evening.  So this year we spent Boxing Day sorting and cleaning as well as playing Jungle Speed (Ben's new game) and delayed our walk until Saturday.  Good choice it turned out!

Boxing Day dawned cold, blue-skied and very windy - ideal conditions for a walk along the Normandy coast at Ouistreham, especially when you have 6 dogs to take along with you!  Do you reckon they were looking forward to the beach?

Six dogs waiting for a seaside walk

On the way there this cockerel cloud was espied but luckily the clouds that were bubbling up dumped their rain around rather than on us.  

Can you see the cockerel?

The wind continued to blow hard though which made for very choppy seas and perfect conditions for the braver souls than us who like to kite surf and windsurf:

Brave kite surfers

And a brave windsurfer

It was however a bit challenging for the birds although these dunlin did well against the strong wind.  The goose we saw later found going westwards much harder though!

Dunlin battling against the wind

On finishing our walk we returned to the car for much needed hot chocolate and cake.  Cobwebs were completely blown away and we had managed not to get wet.  After all the excesses of Christmas Day this had been the perfect antidote.

Did you mange to get out for a walk on or after Christmas? 



  1. This sounds like my ideal winter day! We've been walking quite a bit during the break, a particular favourite was venturing into a field with some lovely, friendly donkeys (with the owner). I adore all your dogs, were they rescued?x

  2. I aggravated an old foot injury on our pre Christmas walk, so the post Christmas walk has been postponed for now. It's been too hot anyway, even after dark, so we've had to content ourselves with throwing the tennis ball in the back yard.

  3. Lovely! The sea looks rough! Wow, 6 dogs! They must keep you busy. We went for a lovely walk to the seaside on Christmas day (in Brighton) - have made it a family tradition :) #PointShoot

    Our Seaside Baby

  4. This looks like a lovely walk. Wow they were brave to get in the water, I bet it was freezing! Happy new year x #PointShoot

  5. I love the look of the kite surfing

  6. Oh your dogs are so cool! I find two a handful! I love the cloud, fab picture. Thanks for linking up to #PointShoot x

  7. I love a good walk on Boxing Day - we did the same! I love that photo of the Dunlin. #PointShoot

  8. Amazing trip! I dont know how you manage to manage that much dogs out! I love the photos but my fave will be the last one of the bird. Amazing. #PointShoot

  9. I love a post lunch walk over the festive period, makes me feel less guilty about eating so much! I love the photo of the dunlin, great capture.

    Thanks for linking up with Point + Shoot xx


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