Saturday, 20 December 2014

Black and White Photos - Urban France

Posted by Rosie

I published a post recently of some black and white photos of plants. Today I want to give you some more black and white photos, this time of a more urban nature and would love to hear your opinions on them.  They can all be clicked on to enlarge.

The first three are all Paris. 

I really like the detail in this picture of Notre Dame but so wish I had got the photo straight!

Notre Dame, Paris

Luckily I did better with these wonderful street lights near la Place de la Concorde:

Parisian street lights

Do you recognise this building? The queues to get up The Eiffel Tower were far too long but we were able to go straight up here, the Montparnasse Tower, which still gave us the most fabulous views of Paris, INCLUDING the Eiffel Tower!  There were hardly any steps either as we sped up in Europe's fastest lift.  It's not a particularly pretty building but I think it works better without colour.

Montparnasse Tower, Paris

This photo was taken at Fougères when we visited this summer. It has the most fabulous castle which is well worth a visit and I thought this photo would work well in black and white. However having removed the colour I don't like it anything like as much.  But maybe you do.

Fougères Castle

Finally, you might be forgiven in thinking that I was in England when I took this photo. In fact it is in our local town of Condé-sur-Noireau which is twinned with Ross-on-Wye. As far as I know none of these phone boxes remain in Ross but we have this one here in France and despite the lack of colour I imagine everyone reading this blog post will know immediately what colour the phone box is!

English phone box in France

Which of these photos do you like the most. If I was pushed to make a decision I think I would have to say Notre Dame ... although I would love the chance to go back and get it straight!


  1. i love all these photos. B&W is such a great way to express yourself in photos isn't it? love it.


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