Saturday, 6 December 2014

A year of Silent Sundays

Posted by Rosie

Just over a year ago I posted my first Silent Sunday picture on our blog.  A picture taken in the previous week that in some way sums up the week or highlights something of that week:

One Picture : No words

I have not missed a single week and I have loved taking the pictures.  I think it makes a lovely record of the past year so I thought I would share with you a few highlights.

The first and last pictures were both Tom, with Poppy making a small appearance in the first one and Saari taking a star role in the last one.

Tom in my first Silent Sunday picture

Tom and Saari in my 52nd Silent Sunday picture

The picture that has had the most views to date is this one of poor Poppy wearing the dreaded lampshade.

Poor Poppy in a lampshade

And the 2 pictures that got the most comments to date are this one with my bottled fruit (which we are now eating with much enjoyment) and the one above with Saari and Tom.  Tom who appears to be wearing the same top in both photos, a year apart!

Bottling summer fruits

But what of my favourites?  I think the following are a few I most like:

Day Old Duckling
Mini lampshades for sale in Paris

Apple juicing before making farm cider

Statue at the Museum of Fine Art in Caen

Late summer morning cobweb

In truth though, I love all the photos as they immediately invoke a memory of the past year.  I will certainly be carrying on for the next 52 weeks!

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  1. Great idea putting a post together with the highlights and favourites from the year! Wonderful capture of Tom and Saari together - you can see their bond immediately

    1. Thanks Kriss - I never realised when I started how much I would enjoy posting a weekly picture without words.


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