Saturday, 7 December 2013

Rewriting the post that I didn't have to write

Posted by Rosie

Last week I had a blog post forming in my head.  It was a sad post and I had put off writing it several times.  Remember a few weeks back I blogged about Foggy our feline forecaster?  Well, not not long after writing that post Foggy went off one one of his jaunts.  Nothing unusual in that except this time he didn't come back.  Weeks went by.  No Foggy.  The weather was wet and windy (normally enough to bring him home).  No Foggy.  Then we heard the news that a cat matching Foggy's description had been hit by a car around the time we had last seen him.  It seemed Foggy had run out of lives.  We told the boys and we all began mourning the passing of a lovely little cat.

On Monday I needed to worm all the dogs and cats and as I checked my records I said to Simon that perhaps I should cross out Foggy's name.  However at that moment, Firkin who hadn't been around earlier, appeared at the door and we shot off to grab him and give him his worm tablet.  Removing Foggy's name was put off for just a bit longer.

Not long after I needed to go out to the shed where the cats eat.  Firkin and Fumée (Foggy's little grey sister) were just finishing off their food.  So if they were inside eating WHO had just jumped out of the window?  I ran outside and my mouth must have hit he floor.  There, as large as life, looking in fantastic condition (most definitely not having been run over) was Foggy!!  I called Simon and his mouth joined mine on the floor.

Foggy keeping Fumée warm on the digger
Where Foggy has been for the last 6 weeks is anyone's guess.  His coat is sleek and he is pretty fat so he does not look like he has been living rough.  Is he the French equivalent of Six Dinner Sid or had he just found a particularly abundant supply of mice?  We don't know and we may never know.  Several days on he is still here, the boys are made up as are Firkin and Fumée.  Actually I am not sure about Firkin but Fumée is so pleased to see him back.  They have been playing together and sleeping snuggled up together although I do think their choice of bed is not the best - after all Simon's digger doesn't have any glass around the cab!

So this is the rewrite of the blog I didn't have to write - the blog that was to have said goodbye to Foggy but instead says welcome home!  Sometimes, it seems, it is worth putting things off for a bit longer!


  1. glad you didn't have to write that post

  2. Sounds a bit like the "Fred" story.


  3. It does indeed, Glenn ... only no body in the greenhouse this time!

  4. Phew, my heart was in my mouth and I was feeling so sad on your behalf as we all know what it feels like to lose a cat...... so I'm over the moon that your puss came home, and even better that he's in good condition! I suspect he's been being pampered elsewhere, naughty cat! Great news!

  5. You may well have hit the nail on the head there MMM - we have told him he's a naughty cat whilst simultaneously giving him a big cuddle!

  6. Brilliant news! Often said that cats own us rather than the other way round!

  7. You are so right, French Connections. I doubt we ever really own a cat in the way we own a dog. I just wish Foggy wouldn't emphasise this quite so much!

  8. When I was younger our cat would do the same thing - wouldn't see him for weeks on end. Makes you wonder where they end up - but at least he found his way home again :)

  9. We had similar cats when I was young - one disappeared for ages and then we found him, 2 villages away, very happy with his new family! Goodness knows how he got there. We were actually moving house soon so we left him there as he was so happy!


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