Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Getting Things Done the French Way 3 and ¾!

The last time I wrote about this was an age ago - or so it seems. Getting things done the French way-3.5.  Having emailed the information required (to two email addresses) to DREAL we waited and waited.  Nothing.  Eventually Rosie rung up. She was told they were still waiting for my email as requested and it hasn't been sent. Rosie told them it had been sent and she was sitting there looking at it - plus we had used one of the email addresses before so knew that worked.

Rosie was asked to send it again, to another email address, and later it was confirmed that they had it.  And a few days later a piece of paper arrived from DREAL with all the details of the vehicle. Which, incidentally, is on every other piece of paperwork that I've had to produce before. There was no covering letter and it wasn't clear on this piece of paper if the vehicle was passed for importation or not.

So expecting more papers to arrive - we waited.  Nothing. So Rosie rung up yesterday and asked what happens now.  Oh, you just take the form we sent you to the Prefecture and they take it from there.  Well how were we to know?

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