Saturday, 20 July 2013

89 Years Young

Posted by Rosie

Whilst at Eco-Gites of Lenault we pride ourselves on being children friendly that does not mean we do not have as just as many visitors without young children.  2 weeks ago, as I mentioned in my last post we welcomed our oldest visitor so far - Fred with his grown-up family.  A friend of Simon's Mum, he had wanted to visit ever since he heard what we had planned over here and he finally got his wish. 

Fred may be 89 but he is still most definitely a big kid at heart - and almost the first thing he asked after arriving was where the nearest zoo was.  Luckily for us we are just a short hop from Jurques Zoo so we got ourselves organised and all headed off to see the animals. We had not been for several years and we saw a lot of improvements since our last visit.  The eating area has been massively improved (and the chips were delicious!), you can now go into the lemur enclosure at feeding time and the ancient rather dank and smelly reptile house was now a brand-spanking new Reptile Village.  The brave among you could have a snake draped around your neck should you so wish:

Fred and a royal python
Back home Fred showed you are never too young to play and you could all too easily be fooled into thinking he was 8, not 89 ...

In the play tower

Thank you Fred for coming to visit us.  It was great for Simon to see you again after so many years and for me and the boys to meet you and your family.  The boys loved hearing your stories from the war and I am so glad you enjoyed your tour of our animals and the vegetable garden.  Please come and see us again soon!

Fred with his family and us

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