Thursday, 24 November 2011

Hand and a Warning of ALT Virus!

On Tuesday it was my trip to the hospital, at Caen, to see the consultant about my hand.  Six weeks has passed already. We arrived with 30 minutes to spare and had to follow the new 'check-in' procedures which is designed to speed things up.  So I just made it for my X-ray and then just reached the consultants room for my appointment time. That new system definitely sped it all up - how late would I have been otherwise!  And there we sat for over 1½ hours before I was seen.

For me I had good news and bad news.  The good news is that the hand is healing very well.  The bad news is I have to carry on wearing the 'cast' thing for another six weeks.  Aaaaaargh!!  I did expect to have to wear it for a bit longer - but six weeks!  At least it is not like plaster cast and I can take it off to have a shower.

And to be seen and told all that took 1½ minutes.

Well it's lucky I have some time on my hands (no pun intended).  Rosie came in from gardening and started to use the computer when it decided to throw a right wobbly. None of the short cuts would work or they did strange things.  The internet pages kept going funny colours and wouldn't do what they where suppose to do.  In fact it was all going weird.

Two system restores later,  a couple of scans to check for viruses plus one or two other checks revealed nothing untoward.  Turning off and on again - twice - still resulted in the same problems.  'We have ourselves a virus' I say through gritted teeth.

I then use the laptop to find out more about a virus attack. Things are looking bad.  It all seems to equal a virus.  Tried a few things that Microsoft and others suggest but still no joy.  Things are looking really bad now.  Time to ring up the computer man (or sling said computer about).

So, before launching computer in to space,  I decide a safer cause of action would be to turn it off - and NOW it won't even turn off!  This is very annoying.

Time to resort to old fashioned CONTROL, ALT,  Del.......

'Rosie, what colour are your hands?' I ask.
'Why?' she replied.
'Well I think we have a bad case of ALT virus',
'What's ALT virus?' Rosie asks.
'Well it's when people use keyboards with very dirty hands and the ALT key sticks down in the mud!'
'Ahhh that ALT virus......'

One freed up ALT key and the virus is dealt with.


  1. I see Simon omitted to mention the glass of wine he had previously spilt on said keyboard ...

  2. A double Oh Dear! for the hand and one for the Alt Key....

  3. lol that is funny

    great news about your hand healing!

  4. So....your computer drinks wine, Lovely Hubby gives ours coffee!!

    Sorry to hear about the hand, but glad the computer is sorted.

    Have a good weekend.

    Sue xx


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