Monday, 23 May 2011

Plodding On

Well I'm slowly getting on with the Old Bakery roof.  Slow progress but it is getting there.  What takes the time is 'hoicking' everything up when I'm on my own, but I have developed some interesting techniques to get the sheets up and into place.  Not orthodox, but it works for me.  Also not helped by some, strongish, gusts of wind today (well it felt strongish from where I was sitting!)

One thing that cheered me up was that I managed to get the roofing sheets much cheaper than originally quoted.  Whilst chatting to a friend he reminded me of a place that sells seconds and they had exactly what I needed and at over 5 Euros a squared metre less I was very happy - considering I got 40m² worth.  And the ridge pieces were half the price (20€ instead of €40). And what is second about them I don't know.

Anyway, hopefully, tomorrow we can have the topping out celebrations - wind permitting.

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