Sunday, 19 December 2010

Phew - now I can start to think about Christmas

Posted by Rosie

Sorry we have been a bit sporadic with posts over the last couple of weeks but we have been working flat out with slaughtering and processing the pigs, lambs and turkeys thus keeping animal numbers to a minimum over the winter. It is never easy to bid farewell to an animal you have known since birth but there is huge feeling of satisfaction in the knowledge that the meat we eat has so few food miles attached to it and the animal has had a good life and quick end. This is also very pleasing to see - 3 full to the brim freezers ready to give us lots of home produced meals over the coming months.

Despite my panic we did manage to get everything in with even a little bit of space left over - phew.

So now all the plucking, sheepskin preparing, meat processing, stock making, ham and bacon preparation etc etc is almost finished I can stop and think about Christmas, which as ever has sneaked up quietly and quickly without my noticing. I have a list and have cracked open the sloe gin so everything should just fall into place now ......... I hope.


  1. looks familiar

    oh for 3 chest freezers.. we only have one that size.. and a collection of uprights.. cos the space worked better that way. not as good though

  2. But things get very lost at the bottom of chest freezers.

  3. That looks like a fantastic amount of meat etc to see you through.
    You're right about things getting lost though, I was just thinking how it's great we've got our pork and beef, but it's a bit of a mission finding the cut you want!! Ah well.

  4. I love my chest freezer for it's storage capacity, but as you say things get VERY lost.

    Have a wonderful Christmas, and get on with that list BEFORE you drink all the Sloe Gin!!

    Sue xx

  5. Hope you are bringing said beverage Christmas day!!!

    Love Abigails Party xx

  6. Wow - congratulations for getting all that in the freezers! Now you just have to remember what all you have :)
    Best of luck with Christmas - I hate it when things like that sneak up on you but homemade sloe gin in a cure all - you'll be fine!


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