Sunday, 14 November 2010

One Man's Rubbish ......

Posted by Rosie

...... is another one's car load of potentially useful stuff :-)

Neighbours who are moving have been offering us all sorts of things they don't want to take with them and today Simon came home with the 4x4 full of potentially useful bits and pieces. Others may have thrown out old plastic jerry cans but for us they are valuable water containers; there was also a large mouse-proof metal box already in place in the polytunnel giving me somewhere safe to store seeds and anything else my rodent friends like to try and eat. Other treasures included watering cans, buckets, 4 oil lamps (no idea if they work but they look lovely), 3 small chicken feeders, a folding garden table, plant canes and some useful little plastic boxes that will be great for fruit and veg harvesting. There was also the parts of 2 strimmers which Simon may be able to make into one working machine - hopefully. The bits are in his workshop and he will no doubt be tinkering with them soon.

A few things were of no use to us but all in all we saved a good haul from otherwise ending up in landfill. Thank you D and C for thinking about us.


  1. And he came home with another boot-load today - plants, a folding table, paint etc etc

  2. I agree - have enjoyed upcycling lots of items being thrown out by others -
    and now loved in our home!

    1. Hi Emma - I am so glad you have found new homes for things that would otherwise have been thrown out. If only more people. and the Government could see how important upcycling is. Simon came back from the UK with various things from friends including a lovely warm jumper and lots of books! Just off for a nosy round your blog now!

  3. Hi again Rosie,

    I think that local communities are realising the benefit and joy of recycling / upcycling - it seems to be becoming increasingly acceptable - even trendy - in London these days!

    Enjoying your blog and dreaming of being in France :-)



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