Saturday, 6 November 2010

Fireworks and Bike Park

Posted by Simon

Last night was the 5th November and, thanks to some friends getting us some fireworks, we had a mini display for the boys, with a bonfire as well - but no Guy. We have to get low noise fireworks as Ben does not the loud bangs, therefore we had a set of 18 Standard fireworks and they were not too bad. Even the Catherine wheel spun - wow.

And it had to happen! Ben asked for his bike saddle to be lowered this morning - apparently safer for jumping well landing actually (but not so easy for cycling up hill) and a mini balance beam and jump have now been constructed. This follows our visit to the bike Park in Sherwood Pines last week. Ben has already mastered the beam and is now developing his jump technique. He is already asking for a higher jump. Plus both boys are trying to go no handed - not whilst doing the obstacles, I hope! Umm....perhaps I ought to go and check on them.

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